Craig Barbour, Owner / Chef

A 3rd generation small business owner, Craig originally studied mechanical engineering at University of MD before applying his engineering knowledge to his culinary skills at Johnson & Wales in Charlotte, NC. After graduating in the inaugural class of the Charlotte campus, Craig went on to train at Carmel Country Club then on to train under Chef Bruce Moffet, which led him to starting ROOTS Food Truck in 2011.

When he started his culinary career he received a gift from his parents, a sticker that read, “Love people, cook them tasty food,” and that is what he has been doing ever since.

“I am so proud to lead this team because, the ROOTS team is the most adaptable, resilient, hard working team in the city.  When the ROOTS team sees a mountain they immediately want to climb straight over not around it.”


Kellyn Stamey, VP of Sales and Development

Kellyn has over seven years of experience in the hospitality industry and a B.S. in Entertainment and Event Management from Johnson & Wales University.  She loves watching the joy from our clients who are eating, drinking, dancing and enjoying the time with each other and the services we have provided.

Kellyn is the leader in giving ROOTS one of its rare qualities among other businesses in the service industry. About the ROOTS experience Kellyn says,  “Roots is a place of joy. We truly care for one another and our clients, and that is reflected in the upbeat, "we’ve got this, and it's going to be awesome" attitude from everyone who works here. We are a rare gem in the hospitality industry in that there is no yelling, no negativity, no panicking, and no giving up. We offer support, compassion and a helping hand to both our colleagues and our clients.”

From cutting  the crust off of Lebron James' peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, to eating a five-course dinner blind with a secret menu in a pitch-dark restaurant, and producing events for thousands of people Kellyn will make it happen.


Kyle McMackin, Executive Chef

Kyle has over 15 years of experience in kitchens, training at the Culinary Institute of Charleston, then working at famed restaurants in the Charleston like Carter’s Kitchen and Hominy Grill.

Growing up on a 250 acre cattle farm, where he still lives, in South Carolina, Southern cooking is second nature, but Kyle brings so much knowledge and experience in lots of different types of cooking and is not afraid to take on any culinary challenge that ROOTS’ clients can throw at him.

ROOTS has been lucky to have Kyle as a part of our tight knit team for 4 years now, and is excited to continue being part of, in his words, “the most adaptable, agile, and resilient catering company in the world.”


Chandler Jernigan, Creative Director/Corporate Accounts Executive

A graduate of Johnson & Wales,  Chandler has been in the service industry for 7 years and wears many hats at ROOTS.  Not only does Chandler manage and sell events for ROOTS, she bakes, and functions as our in house creative director, creating digital and free hand renderings to physically convey the ROOTS brand to our potential and current clients. Chandler designed the current logo for our company.

Chandler says, “the kitchen is the heart of my home, and working daily with catering and hospitality clients allows me the opportunity to share that philosophy and energy with the world. I especially love being a part of private dinners where we create a truly unique experience in someone’s home.”

She enjoys being part of a team who truly cares, “We want to know the person on the other end of the phone or computer because we are often being invited in as part of some very important memories for people. Everyone on our team is always taking that extra step to make each event exceed expectations.”

When Chandler is not completing sales, planning events, executing events, designing for ROOTS, or baking something delicious she is entertaining the ROOTS team with her daily food puns.